Calling Volunteers!


This year our vendors have less time to set up so we really need your help!  Please apply to volunteer by emailing with the subject: I WANT TO HELP!

As extra incentive (in case the eternal gratitude of our vendors is not enough) we are now offering some special gifts for our volunteers:

  • Setup (6:45am-10am): A skein or braid hand dyed by Hipstrings with the special IKS colorway and also skip the line!  Shop when the vendors are ready.  10 volunteers needed for this time.
  • Teardown (5pm-7pm): Another skein or braid hand dyed by Hipstrings with the special IKS colorway.  6 volunteers needed for this time.
  • From 10am-5pm we are giving gifts based on hours worked
    • 1 hr – IKS button
    • 2 hrs – IKS vinyl sticker
    • 3 hrs – IKS tote bag

Let us know as soon as possible because the slots are filling up fast!

Oink Pigments


Established in 2010, Oink Pigments is a purveyor of small-batch, hand-dyed yarns in Vista, CA and Indianapolis, IN. Our team (Alexa, Helena, and Julie) is a trio of strong-willed women who love pigs, puns, and purls (and parentheses). We offer 18 different yarn and fiber offerings in over 100 bright and playful colorways, and a whopping 12 of these 18 bases are 100% USA made from sheep to shelf (yes, even the sheep are Americans).

Oink Pigments

Good Water & Co.

Good Water and Co. was born out of frustration. As a knitter frequenting public transit on trips into and out of New York City, I struggled to find a bag that would keep my yarn neat, my notions accessible, and my projects safe — while still keeping all of those other real life essentials, like my phone, wallet, and keys, close at hand.

I went through bag after bag, but nothing quite worked.

Finally, I hit my limit. I grabbed some fabric, some batting, and a pair of scissors, determined to make a bag that fit my needs.

What emerged was this: a bag made from 100% quilters grade cotton, quilted and lined with stiff interfacing for stability partnered with a removable insert featuring detachable, freestanding, yarn boxes with a grommet on top to keep things flowing smoothly. An interior pocket held my keys and wallet. Even with everything packed in, I could still find it all — and pack my project in safely.

I had a winner.

Good Water and Co. bags are designed to meet the needs of busy knitters, knitters who sneak in stitches on trains, planes, and automobiles; for knitters who like to keep things neat and tidy, who love the idea of a knitting bag, but hate the mess; for knitters who need a bag as diverse as their craft.

Good Water & Co.