Call for Vendors Feb 2016

Indie Knit and Spin marketplace will run 10-4 on Saturday the 6th of February, 2016 at the Wilkins School Community Center. In conjunction with this, there will be a lounge space with chairs for people to hang out and knit. A couple of guilds will have tables in that room and I’m hoping to contract with a local coffee shop to have beverages and treats.

To apply to be a vendor at the marketplace send an email to with the name of your business and ‘IKS application Feb2016’ in the subject line

This is a juried show. All applications need to be in by December 1st in order to be considered. Notification of acceptance or not will be sent via email by December 7th. December 31st is the last day you can pull out of the show and get a refund.

Booths cost $50
Half Booths cost $25

Each vendor is also required to donate an item or two in order to lure in volunteers to help with the show.

Thank you!!

Thank you Thank you Thank you! so much to all the


IKS is dear to my heart and you all are the ones who make it happen!  See you all in February!

Take a class!

It’s not too late! Make the experience complete with one of our unique classes or attend a lecture. Learn about sheep breeds or natural dyeing. Figure out basic lace chart reading or how to alter patterns. Learn to write the designs in your head, dye some of your own yarn, or make beautiful metal/ceramic buttons!

ross farm-leicester longwool-2
Quick Classes – 30 minutes to an hour $5-10

11:15-11:45 Basic Chart Reading (lace)
12:00-1:00 Altering Patterns
2:00-2:30 Conservation Wool Breeds (lecture)
4:00-5:00 Dyeing Wool with Plants (lecture)

More information about quick classes here.

2 Hour Classes

1:30-3:30 Design It, Write It

More information about this class here.



1-5 Dyeing

More information about Dyeing can be found here.

10-12:30 Button Making

More information about Button Making can be found here.

IKS – other information

This year, I’m happy to announce, there will be a booth with display/demos from both the Weaver’s guild and then Fiber arts guild. Be sure to check it out!
If you’ve never been to the show before, know that it is at a school in a residential area and that all parking is street parking. If you are worried about having to park a couple of blocks away, come later in the day when the show is less busy.
This show is not handicap accessible. We are using the second floor of an old school and the community center has not been able to raise enough money to get an elevator yet.
A table to get rid of the fiber arts stuff that you just have lying around collecting dust. And maybe to score something new that makes you happy. Books, patterns, needles, knitting, crochet or spinning supplies all welcome! You do not have to bring something to take something or take something if you bring something.
There will be snack table stocked by the vendors and teachers.
All information about classes can be found here.


IKS 2015 this Saturday!

What: Indie Fiber Arts Marketplace and Fiber Arts Classes

Everyone who loves to work with beautiful and unique yarn and fiber. There will be yarn and fiber dyers, teachers, spinners, designers, creators, and sewers – and, of course, you and your fiber loving friends!

Where: Wilkins School Community Center in Regent Square, 7604 Charleston Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218 **

When: Saturday November 14th, 2015, Marketplace will be open 10:00-4:00 and Classes will run 9-6

Why: Because this is the best place in Pittsburgh to score fabulous hand-made fiber arts supplies and learn new things! Come shop for your holiday knitting, gifts or… just for you!

and entry is free!

**Please note, this space is not handicapped accessible, and requires the climbing of several flights of stairs to get to the show. Despite efforts to raise the funds, the Community Center has not yet succeeded in getting enough money for an elevator.

Shirsty Cat Designs

Name: Kelly Straub
Business: Shirsty Cat Designs
For the love of color…

Color is everywhere… but often we take color for granted because most of us are lucky enough to see the full beauty of the rainbow. If you suddenly couldn’t see all those colors, how would you feel? Would you be sad or frustrated? I know I would be. I love color, I relish color and all the beauty it brings. I love the way color can move me, can affect or reflect my mood and desires. It was through that love of color that I was drawn to art, and through art I discovered knitting, literally wearable art.
I found my way to knitting and fiber arts over ten years ago now, I have relished the opportunity it has given me to play with that color. I got to take strands of vibrant reds, rich blues, and lush greens and literally knit them together into a wearable landscape of color. Soon I was drawn to mixing my own colors, and dying my own yarns; literally getting my hands in it at times so I could play with those colors as many times as possible.

Since the advent of my business, Shirsty Cat Designs, I have been able to share my love of color with people who fully appreciate it. People who can see not only a beautiful skein of yarn, but the spectacular garment it can become through their effort. It is that passion, that vision, that joy, that brings me out to celebrate with you all the magic that is color.

Joanna’s Boutique

Name: Joanna Romaniuk
Business: Joanna’s Boutique
Website: and
On Facebook
A few words about me
I was born and raised in Poland. I learned to knit when I was a child – it was just something what we all were doing. As my daughters grow up and moved out I become more involved in knitting. I taught myself how to spin on the spindle – from book! and later how to dye fiber. Today I spin using Hansen e-spinner. Never used wheel. I just love it. And all of this colors! Selling my stuff allowes me to play with the colors I could not wear and create more then I can wear.


Sign up for classes

This year at Indie Knit and Spin you could…
listen to a lecture on natural dyeing or conservation wool breeds!
get in depth about sock heels or learn crochet for knitters!
learn to make buttons, dye your own yarn, or create some peace with yoga and yarn.

So many options for classes starting at just 30 minutes and $5!

If you’ve been thinking about taking a class, now is the time to sign up. To register or get more information, email me at cosymakes(at)gmail(dot)com.IKS2015banner3

Artisan Buttons

Name: Emily Eckel
Business: Artisan Buttons
Artisan Buttons offers a selection of buttons not found in the big box stores.
My buttons are hand crafted from recycled or locally sourced materials.
I make reclaimed hardwood buttons from old rulers, instrument boxes, broken furniture, children’s blocks and wood workers scraps. The buttons are made in series and when the source material is exhausted the series is complete. For this reason all of the wood buttons are limited editions.
My hand dyed recycled buttons are salvaged from button collections of friends, or purchased at thrift shops and estate sales. These white or light colored buttons are carefully cleaned and sorted. Then they are dyed in a hot dye process and rinsed obsessively. They all take the dye a bit differently and no two are exactly the same. The colors are rich.
I also make buttons using pre industrial revolution techniques such as needle weaving embroidery floss onto rings. The Dorset cross wheel design is an example of one of these beautiful patterns. This technique was once a closely guarded secret among the button makers living in a small area in England. Their way of earning a living ended with the industrial revolution.

My cover buttons are made from wonderful textiles that I find in thrift shops or people give me because they are damaged. Currently I have buttons made from an embroidered tea towel, a textile made of woven ribbons and a Japanese silk scarf.


Name: Stephanie Alford
Business name: SpaceCadet
At SpaceCadet yarn, we passionately believe that knitting and crocheting make people happier, deep down inside, and that nothing does that more than working with gorgeous, vibrant yarn. For us, dyeing is a cosmic adventure. We start with high quality yarns and luxurious fibers — merino wool, silk, linen, and bamboo — to begin the wonderful process of mixing our dyes by hand and seeing where the colour takes them . The result is yarn and fiber that is as exciting to work with as it is for us to create.
In the last year, we’ve really taken that adventure to a new level, moving into a dedicated studio and using that opportunity to explore exciting new dyeing techniques. And with exploration comes a lot of experimentation… and the result is stunning one-of-a-kind colourways that we may never be able to repeat but that are too gorgeous to pass up — and that is what we’re bringing to Indie Knit & Spin! Once they’re gone, they’re gone, so come to our booth early to get the best pickings!