Less than one week to apply for the Spring IKS!

We have had a ton of great applicants and we just want to remind everyone that if you are thinking of applying the window is fairly short this time around.  Applications will be closing January 22nd.  If you are interested in showing at our first event at the Ace Hotel, head on over here.


Vendor Applications Now Open – Spring 2018

While we loved our old space, the Ace Hotel allows us to put all the vendors in one room while adding ADA accessibility and greater parking!  We also hope the hotel’s cafe, bar, and restaurant will encourage visitors to the festival to stick around longer.

Just like last time we are asking everyone to apply through the following form:
Applications are open until January 22nd and selections will be made by January 27th.  We apologize for the short application window.
Thank you for your interest and please feel free to contact us at indieknitandspin@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Indie Knit & Spin March Marketplace

We can finally announce the date for the Spring Indie Knit & Spin Marketplace – March 24th! We are moving to the Gymnasium at the Ace Hotel in Pittsburgh, located in the East Liberty Neighborhood. https://www.acehotel.com/pittsburgh

This new location offers ADA accessibility (plus our entire event is in one room on the first floor), easy access to both public transportation and parking, and a wide variety of food options!


Indie Knit & Spin wouldn’t be the amazing indie fiber arts marketplace it is without our volunteers!

Volunteers are needed for two hour shifts during:

Friday (November 10th) from 6-8 pm

Saturday (November 11th) from 7:30 am to 6 pm.

Volunteers for Friday night (6-8 pm), Saturday morning (7:30-9:30 am) and Saturday afternoon (4-6 pm) will need to be able to help vendors with load in and load out.  This will require some possible heavy lifting and climbing of stairs.

Volunteers on Saturday from 10 am – 4 pm will greet attendees, answer questions and help make sure our vendors’ needs are met.

What do you get in exchange for volunteering (besides our undying gratitude)?

Volunteers will receive an Indie Knit & Spin Tote bag (Value of $15) with their first shift and two raffle tickets for each additional 2 hour shift.

Spaces are limited – please contact us ASAP at indieknitandspin@gmail.com to reserve your shift(s).

Until the next IKS

Hello fiber friends!

I had a wonderful time at Indie Knit and Spin on Saturday. At this show alone do I truly feel that I am amongst my people. So thank you to all the volunteers, vendors, and shoppers throughout the years. You all make this show so special and wonderful.

The first year IKS was just one room on the first floor. Seven booths. It was launched off of my last year vending at Handmade Arcade. In true indie fashion, every person who so much as glanced at the yarn in my booth got this flier – iks-flier. That and Ravelry ads were all we did and the show was off and running.

In case you are curious, our first one room show included: Beads by Eileen, Cosymakes, J Compton Creative, SpaceCadet, Klotho Handspun, Emily Eckel Artisan Buttons, Fibernymph Dye Works, Gwen Erin Natural Fibers, Wren & Rita, and Burgh Baby Gear. Here’s a mosaic from that first show.


It has been wonderful to dye for you, serve you, be friends with you, and enjoy fiber arts with you over the last 7 years and 10 shows. And now I am handing the show over into the very capable hands of the folks at HipStrings. They will continue on the legacy of having a fun indie fiber event in the Burgh.

I’m terrible at taking pictures, but I did find this pic of my booth in 2012.


And with that, I’ll see you shopping at the next IKS. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Fibery wishes,

Joanna’s Boutique

Name: Joanna Romaniuk
Business: Joanna’s Boutique
Website: etsy.com/shop/JoannasBoutique


For me, it’s all about color. And texture. I mean softness.  I like my colors clear, bright, saturated. Even pastels. And I like yarns soft and airy.

Dyeing roving, spinning it and knitting is about playing with the things I love. Selling what I made is just logical next step. After all how much knitted stuff one person can have? And I can play with the colors I love and never would wear.
And as I am selling my stuff I get to do my second favorite thing: connect and talk to the people who love the same thing as I do. Life is great.


Knowing what I like determinates my choices of dyes (Jacquard and Dharma) and roving.  BFL has not only long staple length (added bonus) softness but it also has luster and takes dyes beautifully.  Add to it some silk and it becomes heavenly. Even more soft, easier to draft and since silk is taking dyes a little different than wool there is added depth to the color.


Third base I am using is little less known. It’s 50% merino with 25% silk and 25% bamboo. Bamboo does not take acid dyes and in the roving looks like whitish veins. It disappears in spinning, just makes yarn a little lighter. But it adds great qualities to the yarn. Both silk and bamboo have long staple length which makes roving easy to spin and very soft. I would not use yarn made from it for hard working items like gloves or socks, but it’s just great for next to your neck and face items. It makes a great low twist, single ply yarn. And thanks to bamboo drapes well.