IKS Feb 2017, the low down


Indie Knit and Spin
Fiber Arts Marketplace

Awesome Local Vendors
Amazing Raffle Prizes
Cool Like Minded People
all in one space

The raffle of awesome things from our vendors will happen at 1:00.

Wilkins School Community Center in Regent Square, 7604 Charleston Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218 **

Saturday February 25th, 10:00-4:00


If you’ve never been to the show before, know that it is at a school in a residential area and that all parking is street parking. If you are worried about having to park a couple of blocks away, come later in the day when the show is less busy.

The give-away take-away table is a place to get rid of the fiber arts stuff that you just have lying around collecting dust. And maybe to score something new that makes you happy. Books, patterns, needles, knitting, crochet or spinning supplies all welcome! You do not have to bring something to take something or take something if you bring something.

**Please note, this space is not handicapped accessible, and requires the climbing of several flights of stairs to get to the show. Despite efforts to raise the funds, the Community Center has not yet succeeded in getting enough money for an elevator.

Joanna’s Boutique

Name: Joanna Romaniuk
Business: Joanna’s Boutique
Website: etsy.com/shop/JoannasBoutique


For me, it’s all about color. And texture. I mean softness.  I like my colors clear, bright, saturated. Even pastels. And I like yarns soft and airy.

Dyeing roving, spinning it and knitting is about playing with the things I love. Selling what I made is just logical next step. After all how much knitted stuff one person can have? And I can play with the colors I love and never would wear.
And as I am selling my stuff I get to do my second favorite thing: connect and talk to the people who love the same thing as I do. Life is great.


Knowing what I like determinates my choices of dyes (Jacquard and Dharma) and roving.  BFL has not only long staple length (added bonus) softness but it also has luster and takes dyes beautifully.  Add to it some silk and it becomes heavenly. Even more soft, easier to draft and since silk is taking dyes a little different than wool there is added depth to the color.


Third base I am using is little less known. It’s 50% merino with 25% silk and 25% bamboo. Bamboo does not take acid dyes and in the roving looks like whitish veins. It disappears in spinning, just makes yarn a little lighter. But it adds great qualities to the yarn. Both silk and bamboo have long staple length which makes roving easy to spin and very soft. I would not use yarn made from it for hard working items like gloves or socks, but it’s just great for next to your neck and face items. It makes a great low twist, single ply yarn. And thanks to bamboo drapes well.


Artisan Buttons

Name: Emily Eckel
Business: Artisan Buttons
Website: etsy.com/shop/ArtisanButtons


Artisan Buttons offers a unique selection of buttons hand crafted from recycled and locally sourced materials. We have reclaimed hardwood buttons in a variety of sizes and shapes. The beautiful hand dyed recycled buttons are carefully cleaned, boiled in a hot dye process and then rinsed obsessively. Our fabric buttons are made from vintage embroidered textiles, silks and woven ribbons. We also carry buttons crafted with historic techniques such as the Dorset Crosswheel.

Come by our booth with your works in progress to select the perfect buttons to finish your project. You can select from sets of buttons hand sewn onto cards or
browse through baskets of buttons sorted by type.


Fairy Tale Knits

Name: Dawn Craig
Business: Fairy Tale Knits
Website: www.FairyTaleKnits.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FairyTaleKnits/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fairytaleknits/


Indie dyed yarn inspired by the whimsical fun of childhood and make believe to inspire knitters, crocheters, and spinners. All on yarn and fiber as unique as the stories that inspire the colors. ChiaoGoo knitting and crochet accessories, handmade shawl pins and stitch marker, and fun whimsical kits.fairy1fairy2fairy3fairy4


Roving Acres Farm

Name: Beth Karr
Business: Roving Acres Farm
Website: rovingacres.com

Come see our farm fresh yarn and fiber! We have lots of products from our Jacob, Cormo, and CVM/Romeldale sheep, Angora goats, and Angora rabbits.

roving1Big bowl of gorgeous Mohair locks, hand dyed

roving2Luscious fawn colored Mohair blend, home spun, boucle yarn

roving3Super cute crochet drink cozy kit comes complete with mason jar, yarn, pattern, and hook

One Sly Fox

Name: Sarah Teigler
Business: One Sly Fox
Website: oneslyfox.etsy.com


I’ve been part of the fiber community in Pittsburgh for nearly 9 years and I’ve been at yarn in some way or another since I was about 3 thanks to my grandmothers.  One thing they taught me over and over is that something functional can be nice to look at, that something pretty can have a an actual physical use.  I’ve grow up with this idea rattling around in my head and I apply it as often as I can.  When I started complaining about the choices in store-bought stitch markers and a friend told me “well, make something better” I ran with it.  It started as just playing with beads and has evolved to the point where I am rather proud to present my fandom stitch markers, as well as a number of other tools and hand spun art yarns.  Knitting/crocheting/fiber work makes you happy, why shouldn’t all you tools?


A few random facts:
*I am, quite obviously, a fox addict.
*My friends were convinced for ages I was punking them with my sock knitting speed (1 week for a pair!)
*I have shamelessly used my spinning wheel to “hypnotize” kids left nearby at shows to give their parents a break.
*Proud Gryffindor and Potterhead.
*I am a sock knitting addict!


Lattes & Llamas Yarn

Name: Megan-Anne and Jac
Business: Lattes & Llamas Yarn
Website: lattesandllamas.com


Us in a nutshell:
Lattes & Llamas Yarn is hand-dyed in our studio by Megan-Anne and Jac with an occasional assist from their little sister, Alena. Our family business makes an ever-growing range of yarns, patterns, kits, and fun swag items like coffee mugs and projects bags. We have an unabashed love of colorwork, socks, and Bluefaced Leicester wool, but our first and foremost love is the Geek-A-Long.

Founded on a caffeine high and the need to knit a massively nerdy blanket, Lattes & Llamas created the Geek-A-Long, and annual mystery blanket knit and crochet along, which raises awareness and funds for Child’s Play Charity. In its fourth year, the GAL has become a world wide knitting sensation and with the addition of our Geek-A-Long Yarn, we’re able to further our efforts by donating one dollar to CP Chairty for each skein of yarn sold.


About Masquerade Yarn:
You hold your breath. Is the masked prince really coming your way? Does he know who you are? Draped in a silk and sumptuous wool gown and hidden behind your ornate mask, he must have mistaken you for some kind of princess. But wait, then you remember. You ARE some kind of princess — you must be to have so much silk.

Of course, you can’t just walk around in a ball gown and masquerade mask all day. For all the moments in between, you can feed your royal side with Masquerade yarn. Luxuriously blended from extra soft Bluefaced Leicester and 20% silk, this yarn knits up into gorgeous drapey shawls and extravagant socks. Our colors were designed with multi color projects in mind, and specially created to compliment one another for all of your knitting needs.


About Escape Yarn:
Delightfully soft and luxurious, this DK weight yarn is the escape you deserve. Whether you’re getting away from dirty socks, a 9 to 5 job, or high pressured super secret squirrel missions, Escape Yarn will transport you to single-ply, silken getaway. Don’t worry about the landing, a cloud of baby alpaca, merino, and silk will break your fall!


About Adventure Yarn:
With its subtle sheen, amazing stitch definition, and striking colors, Adventure Yarn is a high-twist complement to your highly exciting life! Whether you’re taking it with you on a pre-planned adventure or letting it set the stage for a swashbuckling fiber journey, you won’t be disappointed with this Bluefaced Leicester blended sock yarn.

Caps for Chemo Donation Drive


Need to clear out some of your old stash and make room for new yarn?

There will be a box at the Indie Knit and Spin for donations of new caps and hats which will be donated to the Allegheny General Hospital and Freeport Rd. Chemo Wards. These caps and hats will hopefully provide some warmth and comfort for patients at both centers. If you would like to donate a new hat, you can drop it off in the donation box at the event or send a private message to Laura Roth.

Please follow a few very basic rules when making your hats: use very soft cotton or synthetic fibers to prevent allergies and issues with sensitive skin. Please also choose a pattern that has no seams and is not excessively lumpy. If you have questions, feel free to send a PM to Laura. For ideas of yarns to use and sizes to make, please check the info provided at the following link (these are the guidelines we are going by): https://www.dropbox.com/s/x57183el58ud08d/Required_Yarn_List_2017.pdf?dl=1

Gwen Erin Natural Fibers

Name: Gwen Brown
Business: Gwen Erin Natural Fibers
Website: www.gwenerin.comgwen1

The latest adventure in the life of Gwen Erin Natural Fibers is a big move out! Now I occupy a small space on Main Street in Hubbard, OH with a carding area and a dyeing station. In addition to my handdyed fiber and handspun yarn, I’ve been able to expand my inventory of knitting and spinning tools to include a full line of Knitter’s Pride needles and crochet hooks plus a selection of Nancy’s Knit Knacks tools. Also I now carry a selection of Brown Sheep Company yarns which combine perfectly with handspun yarn.