IKS Nov 2016, the low down


Indie Knit and Spin
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Awesome Local Vendors
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This year there will also be an awesome raffle of amazing fiber arts items from our vendors held at 12 and at 2.

Our vendors will also be offering little demos throughout the day. Come learn something new!

Wilkins School Community Center in Regent Square, 7604 Charleston Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15218 **

Saturday November 12, 2016, 10:00-4:00


If you’ve never been to the show before, know that it is at a school in a residential area and that all parking is street parking. If you are worried about having to park a couple of blocks away, come later in the day when the show is less busy.

The give-away take-away table is a place to get rid of the fiber arts stuff that you just have lying around collecting dust. And maybe to score something new that makes you happy. Books, patterns, needles, knitting, crochet or spinning supplies all welcome! You do not have to bring something to take something or take something if you bring something.

**Please note, this space is not handicapped accessible, and requires the climbing of several flights of stairs to get to the show. Despite efforts to raise the funds, the Community Center has not yet succeeded in getting enough money for an elevator.


Name: Stephanie Alford
Business: SpaceCadet
Website: spacecadetyarn.com

What is your current favorite color or color combo?
My favourite colours at the moment are the gunmetals and greens that we just dyed on some of the sweater kits that we’re bringing to Indie Knit & Spin. They’re simultaneously cool and warm, they have elements of both the natural and the industrial. I’m kind of obsessed with them and I really really really just want to keep them all for myself! (But I won’t, I promise — they’re coming to Indie Knit & Spin with us). See the first picture below.

Sweater Kit




Knitterly Things

Name: Julia Lippincott
Business: Knitterly Things
Website: knitterlythings.com

What is your current favorite color or color combination?
Currently I am into all colors Autumnal! But I love a good rainbow, in non traditional rainbow shades. I also love a good monochromatic spectrum. Also anything Blues, and greens, or natural.

Assorted Vesper Sock Yarn Colorways all caked up.

Knit socks in the colorway ‘Disco Superfly’ in my Glitterful Sock Yarn Base.

Mitten samples, Chevron Love Mittens, and Super Simple Stripey Mittens of Epic Awesomeness.

More Vesper Sock Yarn Colorways, in Halloween, and Autumnal colorways.

Roving Acres Farm

Name: Beth Karr
Business: Roving Acres Farm
Website: rovingacres.com

What is your current favorite color or color combo?
The fawn worsted weight alpaca blend yarn is my favorite new colorway. (see below for pic!)

A sweet blend of natural fawn, salmon, and bronze green on some of the softest yarn ever.

This hand dyed mohair blend boucle yarn is hand spun mohair and merino blend fiber and dyed in a blend of fall colors.

This is our brand new Jacob lopi spun yarn. Gorgeous soft gray and loads of texture.

This is our white Confetti Yarn. It is a blend of alpaca, merino wool, and multi-colored silk noils in a worsted weight yarn. We also have this product in black and fawn.

We have some super cute crochet kits including this kit to make coasters resembling our Jacob ram, Twofer.


RAFFLE PRIZE: Rookwood Shawl Knit

Donated by Destination Yarn.



This prize includes 2 skeins of yarn by Destination Yarn and a pattern by Mindy Wilkes. This colorway “Cincinnati Ceramic” was inspired by the colors of Rookwood Pottery. Dusty pinks through greys, blues, and greens. The complimentary color “Ceramic Pink” is a pale peach/pink that pairs with the variegated yarn perfectly. Inspired by the textures and motifs of Rookwood Pottery the shawl is knit from the bottom up and includes short row shaping in garter stitch.

Destination Yarn

Name: Jeanne Stevenson
Business name: Destination Yarn
Website: destinationyarn.com

Current Favorite Color Combination – FALL! Everything fall. I have a couple of colorways in this range because quite frankly I’m obsessed. I know the leaves will fall soon and I”ll move on but right now I just want to work with golden shades of red, burgundy, orange, and hints of green.

Fall Run

Fall Road Trip

Pittsburgh at Night

Make sure to check out the awesome Raffle Prize Jeanne donated!!

Star Knits

Name: Allena Williams
Business name: StarKnits
Website: http://www.StarKnits.net

What is your current favorite color or color combination? What are you into right now?
I love color and mixing and matching patterns to create fun bags. Lately I’ve been drawn to aqua and salmon. But i’m always picking up blues and greens. I try to expand my color choices so that I can appeal to other people.

A collection of everything!

The most popular items: XL pockets, pocket bags with clear on the front, WIPs, Box Bags and Triangle bags

Other items I make, crochet hooks, stitch markers (both knitting and crochet) and FABdoris (fabric travelers notbooks)


Name: Karen Bachman
Business: iKNITiatives
Website: etsy.com/shop/iknitiatives and iknitiatives.com

What is your current favorite color or color combo?
My favorite color combos are lights and brights. For example, silver gray & lime, light beige & cobalt, lavender & tangerine.

Midnight blue punis, 1 ounce

Rainbow punis with a touch of creamy Tussah Silk, 1 ounce

Electric colored skeins of Merino/Cashmere/Nylon, 385 yds. per skein


Fiddlehead Fibers

Name: Jess Pflueger
Business: Fiddlehead Fibers
Website: etsy.com/shop/FiddleheadFibers

What can’t you currently get enough of?
Blending different fibers (alpaca, mohair, nylon) with wool to enhance the properties of the wool. For example, blending a lambs’ wool with a super soft alpaca into a batt that will yield a deliciously soft yarn or blending a stronger wool with mohair to make a batt suitable for spinning a good sock or mitten yarn. Also, I’ve been blending dyed and natural color fibers into batts. The pop of dyed color can make a unique yarn.

Batt – Blend of Tunis and Shetland

Merino Cross Washed Locks

Colored Cormo Locks

Shetland Locks

Dusty Tree Soap

Name: Rebecca Shepler
Business: Dusty Tree Soap
Website: www.dustytree.com and on Facebook as Dusty Tree Soap

What are you into right now?
My favorite soap at the moment is ‘Winter is Coming’. This soap is a total winner, just perfect for my dry skin with the extra butters and oils (cocoa, shea + avocado) + the scent is just what I need to perk up in the AM.

‘Life on Mars’ – part of the Intergalactic Planetary series soaps. Contains activated charcoal, moroccan red clay + essential oils (lemon, lavender + peppermint)


‘Winter is Coming’ – for the long cold days this soap is packed with butters and the perfect essential oils (peppermint + ylang ylang) to perk up any Winter Blues.

Wool Wash – a low to no suds wash – a gentle way to take care of your hand knits.


Fluvial Fibers Handspun

Name: Sarah Jordan
Business Names: Knit/Wit Designs (knitting patterns) and Fluvial Fibers Handspun (handspun yarn)
Web site: http://www.ravelry.com/designers/sarah-jordan (and Ravelry group at http://www.ravelry.com/groups/knit-wit-designs-fans)

What is your current favorite color or color combination?
When I’m buying fiber, I usually tend to gravitate toward blues and greens, my favorite colors. But I am much more adventurous in buying dyed fiber than in buying yarn, because the yarn spun from dyed fiber is always a surprise, and there’s another surprise in store when the handspun yarn is knit up.

Pseudo-self-striping sock yarn, 100% superwash merino

Pseudo-self-striping sock yarn, 100% Perendale wool

Pseudo-self-striping sock yarn, 100% superwash BFL

Corespun yarn, blended merino and nylon sparkle on a merino core