Fibernymph Dye Works

Pittsburgh-based Fibernymph Dye Works is enjoying its seventh year of creating bright, vibrant hand-dyed fiber products. Our specialties continue to be our unique self-striping yarns and gradient-dyed yarns and spinning fibers. Additionally, we offer a wide range of semi-solids, collections of variegated and speckled colorways, as well as one-of-a-kind sock blanks.

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Spencer Hill Naturally Dyed Yarn

Spencer Hill Naturally Dyed Yarn provides a variety of breed-specific and wool-blend yarns, dyed with natural materials. We strive to showcase yarns from small farms in New York and Pennsylvania, with local Bluefaced Leicester, Suffolk, Shetland, Romney, Finn, Coopworth, Corriedale, and BFL/WensleydaleX available this fall. 

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Good Water & Co.

Good Water and Co. was born out of frustration. As a knitter frequenting public transit on trips into and out of New York City, I struggled to find a bag that would keep my yarn neat, my notions accessible, and my projects safe — while still keeping all of those other real life essentials, like my phone, wallet, and keys, close at hand.
I went through bag after bag, but nothing quite worked. Finally, I hit my limit. I grabbed some fabric, some batting, and a pair of scissors, determined to make a bag that fit my needs. What emerged was this: a bag made from 100% quilters grade cotton, quilted and lined with stiff interfacing for stability partnered with a removable insert featuring detachable, freestanding, removal yarn boxes with a grommet on top to keep yarn flowing smoothly and snag-free. An interior pocket held my keys and wallet. Even with everything packed in, I could still find it all — and pack my project in safely.I had a winner.Good Water and Co. bags are designed for busy knitters, knitters who sneak in stitches on trains, planes, and automobiles; for knitters who like to keep things neat and tidy, who love the idea of a knitting bag, but hate the mess; for knitters who need a bag as diverse as their craft. Our yarn boxes were a featured gift in the May 2017 edition of PostStitch, a yarn subscription service for knitters, and delivered to more than 200 subscribers.

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One Sly Fox

I see no reason, when working with the specialty yarns and roving we love, that tools cannot also be beautiful and fun as well as functional. I HATE the store supplied stitch markers (you know those plastic nightmares). They caused gaps in my stitching, scratched my needles and broke at the worst possible moment. A friend challenged me to make something better, so with a lot of trial and error I came up with my current design. Strong, versatile and fun to use they are meant to last a life time of use and still make the you happy every time.

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Fairy Tale Knits

I started dyeing yarn for a KAL I was doing with some friends. I couldn’t find the purple shade I wanted to I bought some undyed yarn and dyed some myself. That was about 10 years ago and I haven’t finished that shawl but I also haven’t stopped dyeing since.

My desire with my dyeing is to bring a sense of whimsy and playfulness to your projects. I want my colorways to inspire the magical fun of your imagination, bringing out that fun-loving child inside.

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