Great Lakes Hand Dyed

name: Elizabeth Deremiah
business name: Great Lakes Hand Dyed
website(s): The Shop, on Ravelery as MissKatPegasus, also the GLHD Group

What kind of items do you make?
Hand dyed yarn

How long have you been in indie artist?

Since Feb 2012

What got you interested in your art of choice?

My love for working with color and hand dyed yarn.

What do you most enjoy about what you do?

Working with color and making beautiful yarn. I also love watching people create with the yarn that I dye.

What most inspires you?
Video games, geekery and nerdom.

What makes your creations unique?

I feel I have the uncanny ability to take beautiful items and incorporate it into yarn.

Do you have a favorite item or colorway?
My favorite colorway to date is a Dr. Who inspired colorway called “Did I mention it’s a time machine?” It was inspired during a lengthy dying marathon while watching episode after episode of Dr. Who.

What is something you strive to offer the fiber arts community?
Quality products that fill a need for geekery combined with knitting.

Does being an indie fiber artist affect other aspects of your life?
It always has and always will. My coworkers know me as a knitting and crochet guru and are always asking me for help with their fiber projects.

What is your fiber arts superpower?

Teleportation with simultaneous time travel definitely.

How is the fiber arts world different for you today than it was five years ago?

I actually only learned to knit 2 years ago. Before I learned to crochet when in 1998 and kept very steady for it. When I realized that knitting would be something that I enjoyed, I taught myself using the internet and YouTube videos. I am an adventurous knitter and love to try new techniques.

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