Don’t fear the pool; Jump in with variegated yarns!

Indie Knit and Spin offers so many choices in variegated and hand-dyed yarn, but are you afraid to work that beautiful skein? Worried that the vibrant colors will mottle into a pool of unattractive patterning? We’ll discuss the types of variegated yarn; factors that affect the finished skein including fiber, hank circumference, type of dye, and the dyer’s style; and the pattern types that emerge when the yarn is crocheted or knitted. We’ll explore blending, texture, and stitch patterns for knit and crochet as ways to randomize the colors in your project. If time, we’ll talk about planning your designs around the pattern types to take advantage of the skein’s natural tendencies.
First Session Class 9:30-11:30
Please note: these classes start before the market, so you should come with all supplies in hand unless you can get them from the instructor.
maximum class size – 12

Bring a variegated ball or hank of yarn (or two) from your stash to analyze. Can be commercially dyed or hand-dyed.

Class fee:
$5 for handout and mini skein of hand-dyed yarn from Amelia and Wiggles.

Rebecca DeSensi has been crocheting and knitting for more than a decade. She works for a nationally-known, Pittsburgh-based, crochet designer and author, providing technical editing, pattern support, and sample creation for books, magazines, DVD workshops, and TV shows. She also has worked independently as a technical editor for publications and as a designer for a large national yarn company. She’s tried every technique and stitch out there, so it was a natural progression to jump into the business side of yarn. With her friend Karen, they dye and sell yarn as Amelia and Wiggles. Their booth can be found in the marketplace.

To inquire about or register for classes, send an email to All classes cost $30, to be paid in advance via check or paypal. Some classes have a material fee to be paid to the instructor at the time of the class.

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