All Classes IKS 2015

Spinning Classes with Lauren Haiken

9-12     Worsted? Woolen? What? – Exploring the two main spinning styles
2-5       Taste the Rainbow – Exploring the Many Splendors of Multicolor Spinning

More information about Lauren’s classes here.

Quick Classes – 30 minutes to an hour

10:00-11:00       Exploring Fiber Arts (ages 6-12)
11:15-11:45       Basic Chart Reading (lace)
12:00-1:00         Altering Patterns
1:15-1:45           Beaded Knitting
2:00-2:30           Conservation Wool Breeds (lecture)
2:45-3:45           Crochet for Knitters
4:00-5:00           Dyeing Wool with Plants (lecture)

More information about quick classes here.

2 Hour Classes

1:30-3:30      Design It, Write It
3:45-5:45      Anatomy of a Sock Heel
1:15-3:15      Eastern European Knitting
3:30-5:30      Yoga and Yarn

More information about 2 hour classes here.

1-5 Dyeing

More information about Dyeing can be found here (I haven’t figured out the details for this class yet, but save your afternoon if you want to take it!)

10-12:30 Button Making

More information about Button Making can be found here (I will have this information up soon).

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