Chart Reading, Adding a Personal Touch, and Beaded Knitting

Basic Chart Reading, 11:15-11:45 am, $5
Are you tired of seeing a great pattern and being discouraged because it’s in a chart? Well, fear charts no more. I can’t promise you that when you leave you will love charts, but you will definitely know how to read and follow one. And if you happen to start enjoying them, well, so much the better.

Marianna learned to knit when she was about seven years old. Her bear needed a scarf and her mom taught her how. She vaguely remembers a small scarf knit so tightly that the dropped stitch went absolutely nowhere. It wasn’t until college when, as a poor student in need of Christmas presents, she picked it up again. It was also at that time that she discovered something absolutely fascinating, her friend was knitting completely the wrong way! Why did she throw her yarn around so much instead of just picking it up with her needles? And thus she learned that there are various styles of knitting. You learn all kinds of things in college. She has been knitting for many years and enjoys sharing what she knows with those around her.

Adding a Personal Touch to Patterns, 12-1 pm, $10
Personal Touch Class Hat PhotoPersonal Touch Class Sweater Photo
A class for knitters and crocheters to learn about making changes to the color and texture of patterns. We will talk about adding lace, cable, colorwork, and other textures in basic shapes like hats, scarves, and simple sweaters.
If there are particular patterns you want to modify, please bring them. Otherwise, just pencil and paper are required for taking notes.

Amy has taught in the past at Natural Stitches in Pittsburgh’s East End as well as the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival. Due to her workload as an architect, she has had to give up full time teaching duties, but she appreciates the opportunity to teach occasionally at events like Indie Knit & Spin! In addition to self-published patterns available on, Amy has designs published in “60 Quick Knits from America’s Yarn Shops”, “Scarves, Etc 2015” and will eventually have three designs published in the Cooperative Press Series “Fresh Designs Crochet”. Amy’s designs are also featured in kits sold by Ross Farm Fibers of Washington, PA. Keep up with new design releases and future teaching engagements at You can also find Amy on ravelry and twitter as Pghamers.

Beaded Knitting, 1:15-1:45 pm, $5
Learn how easy it is to add beads to your knitting! In this class, you will see and learn two different techniques for adding beads as you go. Materials to bring required: Swatch in fingering weight yarn. Cast on 30 stitches. Work 5 rows of stockinette. Materials optional: 1mm crochet hook, a few beads size 6/0, patterns that you would like suggestions on where to add beads to. Materials provided: beads, dental floss, and inspiration

This year we are offering a series of short, fun fiber arts classes.  Classes cost $5 for half an hour classes and $10 for hour long classes.  Sample things you have never quite been able to figure out yourself, listen to a fiber arts lecture, or enjoy several short classes throughout the day and shop in between.  Class sizes are limited to 6 people each.  To register, or if you have questions, email me at See all short classes here.

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