Yoga and Yarn

Yoga and Yarn, 3:30-5:30, $30

In this class, knitters of all levels will learn simple techniques for using their time knitting as part of a mindful stress management strategy. We will look at the nature of mind and creativity and ways to use movement, stretching, breath and visualization to enhance our knitting skills and quality of life. Basic seated stretches will be taught to help knitters prevent repetitive strain injuries and to decrease the aches and pains that knitters sometimes experience in the neck and shoulders, hands and wrists, and low back. Absolutely no experience with yoga or meditation is required and all techniques are secular and so very gentle that everyone can practice them.
Third session class 2-4
maximum class size – 20

1. Please bring a simple project that does not require counting or referring to a pattern. If you do not currently have such a project or are a beginner, please prepare a mindfulness knitting project as follows:

On size 6 or 8 needles, cast-on 30 stitches, preferably with a natural fiber yarn (avoid acrylic if at all possible) and knit at least 5-rows in garter stitch.

2. Wear comfortable clothing that is not revealing or restrictive if you bring your arms up in the air, sit or lift up one leg at a time.

3. Bring a water bottle filled with water.

Sharon is a meditation and yoga instructor with over twenty-years of practice and teaching experience. She draws upon her personal practice and training in cultural anthropology, art history, meditation, movement therapy and love of knitting to create unique workshops for adults who wish to enhance their creativity and reduce stress and anxiety. After owning and directing Yoga Matrika, an intimate community-based yoga studio in Pittsburgh, for eight-years, Sharon now offers mindful coaching for women, childbirth preparation and postpartum care all over the world. You can find Sharon online at
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To inquire about or register for classes, send an email to All classes cost $30, to be paid in advance via check or paypal. Some classes have a material fee to be paid to the instructor at the time of the class.

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