Knit/Wit Designs and Fluvial Fibers Handspun

Name: Sarah Jordan
Business Names: Knit/Wit Designs (knitting patterns) and Fluvial Fibers Handspun (handspun yarn)
Web site: (and Ravelry group at
Leventry (green/gray shawl pattern), Ravessa Shawl (brownish gray shawl pattern), Schmur (colorwork hat pattern), and two skeins of handspun (blue is Border Leicester and reddish/green is Falkland)
I have been designing knitting patterns for about four years now. I mainly focus on accessories, and my passion is shawls. I like to play with color and texture in my patterns, and many of them incorporate more than one technique (cables and lace or colorwork and lace, for instance). All the things I design are things I like to knit and wear — classic styles and shapes that are engaging but not so complicated that you can’t knit them while watching TV or chatting with friends.
I have been spinning four more than seven years now. I spin primarily animal fibers (mostly wool) and tend to favor thinner yarns (generally DK weight or finer). In the past several years, I’ve had the chance to try many different breeds of wool and learn about their properties, so you will see more than the ubiquitous merino in my skeins. Most of the dyed skeins you will see in my selection were hand dyed by independent dyers, though there are also some naturally colored skeins spun from fleece.

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