Dusty Tree Soap

Name: Rebecca Shepler
Business: Dusty Tree Soap
Website: www.dustytree.com
on Facebook as Dusty Tree Soap
I’m so excited to be a part of Indie Knit & Spin again this year. It really warms my heart and makes me smile to see all the friendly and familiar faces who return each year. I’m not as much of a transient vendor as some of my counter parts….I do my local Farmer’s Market (Ligonier Country Market) most Saturdays in the Summer and here – the Indie Knit & Spin ……..so it is always nice to hear people’s comments and kind words about my products….THANK YOU!
Speaking of which, I make small batch, vegan, earth & people friendly cold processed soaps. I use edible vegetable oils and simple things to make you a fantastic bar of soap. I leave out all the weird nasty stuff like parabens, synthetics, preservatives as well as scents, dyes & colors. If a soap is scented I use a therapeutic grade Essential Oil and for coloring I use clays, food (yes! food – pumpkin/cucumber/bananas oh my!) & plants (like mint or lemon balm) from my organic garden.
As for knitting, I took a class almost 20 years ago and walked away not having learned a thing, but was super determined to knit. I NEEDED to knit so I taught myself from books at my local library (this was years before YouTube). For the Indie Knit & Spin, I’ll have with me at my booth some fantastic handcrafted ceramic buttons made by my lovely & talented Mother. She does an amazing job and I would keep them all for myself if only I could ‘knit all the things’ faster. I also sew and will have a very small offering of medium sized drawstring project bags.
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading about me and my business, Dusty Tree Soap! I look forward to meeting you and seeing all of the other fantastic vendors this year…..PEACE!

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