Chickpea Yarns

Name: Stacey and Ting
Business name: Chickpea Yarns
We are two friends who have been knitting, cooking, and laughing together for many years. One day late last spring, decided to experiment with dyeing yarn together. We loved the process and the end results so much that we decided to dye yarn for other knitters (and crocheters!) to enjoy as well!
The parts we have come to love most about our dyeing and selling adventures: ending the day with Easter egg colored hands (somehow someone always forgets their gloves); giggling over potential names for each of our colorways; writing cute, funny, or fangirlish descriptions for each skein we list in our shop; getting awesome feedback from happy customers (!!!).
Indie Knit and Spin will be our first craft show, so please give us lots of love! :)

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