Shirsty Cat Designs

Name: Kelly Straub
Business: Shirsty Cat Designs
For the love of color…

Color is everywhere… but often we take color for granted because most of us are lucky enough to see the full beauty of the rainbow. If you suddenly couldn’t see all those colors, how would you feel? Would you be sad or frustrated? I know I would be. I love color, I relish color and all the beauty it brings. I love the way color can move me, can affect or reflect my mood and desires. It was through that love of color that I was drawn to art, and through art I discovered knitting, literally wearable art.
I found my way to knitting and fiber arts over ten years ago now, I have relished the opportunity it has given me to play with that color. I got to take strands of vibrant reds, rich blues, and lush greens and literally knit them together into a wearable landscape of color. Soon I was drawn to mixing my own colors, and dying my own yarns; literally getting my hands in it at times so I could play with those colors as many times as possible.

Since the advent of my business, Shirsty Cat Designs, I have been able to share my love of color with people who fully appreciate it. People who can see not only a beautiful skein of yarn, but the spectacular garment it can become through their effort. It is that passion, that vision, that joy, that brings me out to celebrate with you all the magic that is color.

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