Take a class!

It’s not too late! Make the experience complete with one of our unique classes or attend a lecture. Learn about sheep breeds or natural dyeing. Figure out basic lace chart reading or how to alter patterns. Learn to write the designs in your head, dye some of your own yarn, or make beautiful metal/ceramic buttons!

ross farm-leicester longwool-2
Quick Classes – 30 minutes to an hour $5-10

11:15-11:45 Basic Chart Reading (lace)
12:00-1:00 Altering Patterns
2:00-2:30 Conservation Wool Breeds (lecture)
4:00-5:00 Dyeing Wool with Plants (lecture)

More information about quick classes here.

2 Hour Classes

1:30-3:30 Design It, Write It

More information about this class here.



1-5 Dyeing

More information about Dyeing can be found here.

10-12:30 Button Making

More information about Button Making can be found here.

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