Joanna’s Boutique

Name: Joanna Romaniuk
Business: Joanna’s Boutique


I was growing up in Poland where I learned to knit. I came to US 28 years ago, worked, raised my two daughters and now I’m retired. I love working with colors and I learned to dye. As I was not fully satisfied with results of dyeing yarns I learned how to dye fibers and spin yarns from them. And I discovered, that I love to play with colors! Dyeing and spinning what I dyed allows me to play with all kind of colors. Colors i would never wear, colors which would not work for me, even colors I don’t particularly like.


Since I can’t wear all knit, I can’t knit all I spin and I can’t spin all fibers I dyed sharing fun with others by selling what I produced become natural next step. And it new opened whole new world to explore. What I love the most: to hear: it’s so pretty. I love it!

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