Roving Acres Farm

Name: Beth Karr
Business: Roving Acres Farm


Roving Acres Farm was founded in 2010, and was a lifelong dream of Beth Karr. Luckily her husband, Chris, and daughter, Sarah, were fully behind the idea! Located in beautiful Ashtabula County, Ohio, the farm has been rehabbed to be a fiber farm after many years of neglect. We love the idea of raising the animals and deciding what to do with the fiber. It’s been a dream come true.


We love all of the yarn and other fiber products we have for sale, so it is very hard to choose our favorite. However, for pure softness and loveliness to work with, we would have to say our Cormo yarns are the best. The bulky version is a joy – super soft and works up super fast. Can’t beat that! Our best selling yarn is our Alpaca Blend Sock yarn, and the most popular colorway is “Sea Glass”.

Besides fabulous customer service, we strive to offer our customers a farm connection. We give customers information about the sheep/goats/rabbits their fiber comes from, and in many cases we have the name of the animal it came from right on the tag.


We believe our “super power” is our hand dyeing. All of our dyed items are dyed by Beth who loves to experiment with color combinations and dye techniques. And she does custom dye orders as well.

2 thoughts on “Roving Acres Farm

  1. I have knit with Roving Acres bulky (the last picture shown here) and it is truly phenomenal. I knit with many bulky yarns but this is soft and yet holds up so well. Please be enabled to check them out! From one yarn lover to another. :)

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