Gypsy Stardust Yarn and Fiber

Name: Trisha Eliason
Business: Gypsy Stardust Yarn and Fiber
Web Site:


How I became interested:
I come from a long line of creative women; painters, artists, sewers, crocheters, so when I began knitting they provided me with lots of support and encouragement. I began knitting when I was pregnant with my first child. Three children later, I have tackled socks, sweaters, cables, intarsia and fair isle. I have developed a love for drop spinning and an eye for dyeing. I love coming up with unique color ways that fit my magic and fantasy theme.


Do I have a favorite color way or item:
That’s a tough one. I love purples, blues, and greens, but my “Poison Apple” color way, in red and black, is definitely my guilty pleasure! I’m also pretty fond of my hand spun yarns because of the time it takes to spin them.


What do I strive to offer:
My goal is to offer unique and whimsical color ways that inspire creativity and a love of myth and fantasy.


What is my fiber arts super power:
That I manage to raise three small children AND find enough time to dye, spin, and knit!


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