Dusty Tree Soap

Name: Rebecca Shepler
Business: Dusty Tree Soap
Website: www.dustytree.com and on Facebook as Dusty Tree Soap

What are you into right now?
My favorite soap at the moment is ‘Winter is Coming’. This soap is a total winner, just perfect for my dry skin with the extra butters and oils (cocoa, shea + avocado) + the scent is just what I need to perk up in the AM.

‘Life on Mars’ – part of the Intergalactic Planetary series soaps. Contains activated charcoal, moroccan red clay + essential oils (lemon, lavender + peppermint)


‘Winter is Coming’ – for the long cold days this soap is packed with butters and the perfect essential oils (peppermint + ylang ylang) to perk up any Winter Blues.

Wool Wash – a low to no suds wash – a gentle way to take care of your hand knits.


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