Roving Acres Farm

Name: Beth Karr
Business: Roving Acres Farm

What is your current favorite color or color combo?
The fawn worsted weight alpaca blend yarn is my favorite new colorway. (see below for pic!)

A sweet blend of natural fawn, salmon, and bronze green on some of the softest yarn ever.

This hand dyed mohair blend boucle yarn is hand spun mohair and merino blend fiber and dyed in a blend of fall colors.

This is our brand new Jacob lopi spun yarn. Gorgeous soft gray and loads of texture.

This is our white Confetti Yarn. It is a blend of alpaca, merino wool, and multi-colored silk noils in a worsted weight yarn. We also have this product in black and fawn.

We have some super cute crochet kits including this kit to make coasters resembling our Jacob ram, Twofer.


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