One Sly Fox

Name: Sarah Teigler
Business: One Sly Fox

What is your current favorite thing?
My favorite thing that I make, that’s a tough question. I love my fandom stuff. No particular fandom for myself but I’m just really happy to make it and have such great reactions whenever someone sees it. Brutally honest, I keep one of EVERYTHING fandom for myself.


Fandom stitch markers and tools! Here you see a Tardis threader and a set of Labyrinth stitch markers (or as I like to call them, the David Bowie special). Tardis and Labyrinth stitch markers will return for IKS 2016 AND new kids Maraders and Owl Post will be there too!


markers, in every color and size! From tiny ones perfect for socks to huge ones that move easily making afghans.

Keeper necklaces to keep everything (stitch markers, snips, darning needles) at hand and OFF the floor. Worry dolls who understand your spinning woes, with supported and drop spindles.

Skullies, pink support and hooked stitch markers for crocheters. Those hinged hooks are specially treated so they don’t snag!

Hand spun art yarn. No two are ever the same. Funky batts, odd ball rovings and little bits of “what the heck” make each skein unique. These make some awfully fun hats and mitts.

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