Steel City Fiber Collective

Name: Nora, Anna, Cheryl, Becca
Business: Steel City Fiber Collective

What is your current favorite color or color combination? We’re all obsessed with teal.

Or if you make something else, your favorite whatever as applies to that.  What are you into right now?  Cheryl is spinning gold, Nora is dyeing as much as possible, Anna is finishing up a wensleydale-to-sweater project, and Becca’s loving the craftivism embroidered affirmations (!


SCFC ladies in the spinning room at the collective. We have lots of different kinds of wheels for you to try and will be demoing how different tension styles on wheels work.


Drum carder in action. At our booth we will have a Build-A-Batt station – pay by weight and blend your own batt!


Assorted Yinzer Sock yarn – hand-dyed by SCFC members.

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