Steel City Fiber Collective

Name: Nora, Anna, Cheryl, Becca
Business: Steel City Fiber Collective

The Steel City Fiber Collective is a makerspace for fiber arts and crafts in Shadyside. Visit us if you’re a weaver, spinner, knitter, dyer, felter, braider or want to become one. We can help you learn a new craft, try new equipment, or find more fiber friends!

sc1Project bags hand sewn by Handknits by Susan, a Pittsburgher, knitter, and regular attendee of knit night at the Collective!

sc2Hand dyed yarn and hand made knit-themed pottery

sc4Hand dyed yarn hanging on the wall of yarn in the SCFC shop. All the pretty colors come from our dye lab!

sc3One of our members spinning in action. We’ll bring handspun yarn to IKS for people who want truly unique yarn!

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