The PrAiry – a pretty little farm

The PrAiry is a pretty little farm where alpaca and specialty wool sheep happily graze in the meadows and grow wonderful fleeces that I share with the discriminating hand spinner, yarn addict, and fun fiber felter.

I dye some fleeces and have them spun into small batches of yarn unique to the individual animal that grew the fleece.

Once a year I invite fiber friends to the farm to meet Lucy, June Bug, Lady and the other specialty wool animals that grew the fleece that you used for your shawl or sweater or socks or hat. Take the opportunity to connect with the animal that provided you with your fiber fun.

Wonderful fleeces are offered to the discriminating hand spinner and lovely locks are available for felters, too. Finished woven articles and gifts are offered as time to make them permits.

Enjoy PrAiry products. Check out our goods at The PrAiry

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