IKS Volunteers: We need your help!

Hey there, remember me?  I don’t know if you’ve heard yet but IKS is actually happening this year on October 9th at the Nova Place in Pittsburgh, PA.  This show is what it is because of the amazing help of volunteers who ensure our vendors can get loaded and set up in record times. We thank our volunteers with some special swag too, so don’t think your hard work will go unappreciated!

If you are interested and available please fill out the following form:

Also, we know we are in the middle of a pandemic, so please note the following two key bits of COVID info for IKS:

– Masking: If transmission in Allegheny county is “substantial” or above according to the CDC we will require masking for all attendees and vendors.  If IKS were happening today we would require full masking.

– Vaccination: We would like to encourage everyone to go get the vaccine if you have not already done so (even with Moderna you can be fully vaccinated in 6 weeks).  Vaccination is not required, but right now it is the best thing you can do to ensure the safety of everyone in your life.
That being said, the Pittsburgh area is seeing low hospitalization rates and our governor announced today that 80% of the eligible population has had at least one shot.  Our new shallow booth configurations, paired with the large open space of Nova Place will help to ensure good air flow and minimize risk of transmission.

Thanks in advance, and we look forward to seeing you in person.  Be sure to spread this request far and wide cause we are going to need as many volunteers as we can get for our new location.  Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks again for helping in the past.

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