Purl Scout Yarns

My name is Victoria, I am the owner and dyer of Purl Scout Yarns I live in Philadelphia, PA with my kitties Ares, Artemis and Diana. I am a professional circus artist and circus coach. I’ve been a knitter for about four years now. I am a self taught knitter who also crochets, spins, weaves and designs knitwear! Socks are my comfort knit and I almost exclusively knit with fingering weight yarns.

When thinking about dyeing I knew that I wanted to go the natural route. I wanted a safer process for myself and my home and most importantly for the environment. I also wanted to explore using natural dye extracts like acid dyes; bright, fun and variegated. My dyes are extracted from things like food scraps i.e. avocado pits, or using natural dye extracts purchased which come from various things like trees, bugs, etc. My goal as a dyer is to provide fun colors and variations themed off of things I love (like Sailor Moon)! I offer eco friendly yarns that are superwash and non-superwash!


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