IKS Experiment: Workshop lead by Alanna Wilcox!

Greetings IKS fans.  We are just under 3 weeks away and we are throwing some wonderful wrenches into the mix.  Alanna Wilcox has amazingly offered to host a workshop called “12+ Ways to Spin a Painted Top” based off her book “A New Spin on Color”.  This will be a 6 hour workshop with fiber supplies included for only $160.  And don’t worry about missing out on any IKS awesomeness, this class includes a break during the second half of early access and ends early enough for you to check out any vendors you missed out on your first round.

There is one catch though: we need to make sure we get enough students, so tell your friends!

Find out more information on Alanna’s website here!

Note: When you click “Register Now” it add’s the class to the cart in the top right. Click there to finish your registration.

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