Taking a break, but we will be back!

Firstly let me apologize for the radio silence. While we had an absolutely fantastic show in 2021 we’ve run into more than a few hurdles with trying to get a show running in 2022. The key issue so far has been trying to find a location within the city that could both fit our ever growing audience and wasn’t so expensive that we would have to charge admission (and this was even before inflation really hit the area).

Nova Place was our first experiment with going over the river (even though it was just a little bit) but while the space was a huge success, the location proved to be an issue for many (there was quire a few twisty roads there). So now we are looking for a new home, but we still want to stay accessible to as many people as possible. This means changing something, but we haven’t completely decided what.

So please be patient. If you have any ideas, suggestions, concerns, or just want to reach out, feel free to email us at indieknitandspin@gmail.com or comment here.

In the meantime we will keep our previous show information up so you can continue to shop from our previous wonderful vendors. Also be sure to attend the many other fantastic shows in the Pittsburgh area.

See you soon,


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