I am a bead artist and specialize in beadweaving and bead embroidery. What makes my booth special and appealing to fiber artists is my couture knitting and crochet stitch markers aka. progress keepers. Each set, or fob, is a unique tool that fills a specific niche and comes in its own tin(which makes for a great gift). For safe keeping, many fobs are made to attach to a ribbon or chain and can be worn as a necklace, or can be attached directly to a knitting bag.


Ex Libris Fibers

Ex Libris Fibers creates bookish hand dyed yarn for fiber artists who seek mysterious and moody colors to craft their own stories. A second-generation fiber artist and librarian by day, dyer Rita finds inspiration in literary ladies, libraries, poetic places, and a twinge of the mystical and mysterious. Yarn is thoughtfully dyed in small batches in Pittsburgh using professional acid dyes or natural pigments. Many colorways and bases are inspired by stories or authors, so you can pair your next project with your favorite book!



At SpaceCadet, we start with luxury fibers — merino wool, silk, linen, and bamboo — and then take the time to mix every dyebath by hand from primary colours, meaning every colourway is created using only five basic shades of dye, resulting in hand-dyed yarns and fiber that are a truly unique connection between the dyer and knitter or crocheter. We know it takes longer to dye this way, but it allows us and our customers to immerse ourselves in colour exploration in a way that is worth all the extra effort!

Our colourways are all designed in palettes to work together as collections of semi-solids and variegateds that our customers can mix and match right in our booth. Our constant experimentation with colour leads to lots of amazing one-of-a-kind yarns and mini-skeins that customers love to pore through at shows. And we collaborate with lots of awesome designers to combine our yarns with patterns created for them into great kits that are fun to buy and cover everything from quick accessories to amazing sweaters.

Started as a one-woman operation in 2010, we have grown to a team of five and a workplace specifically designed to support the particular demands we face as working women and mothers, and dedicated to welcoming all knitters and crocheters. Our passionate, driving belief is that knitting and crocheting make people happier, deep down inside, and that nothing does that more than working with gorgeous, vibrant yarn. For us, dyeing is a cosmic adventure, one that allows us to follow our passion, share it with customers who feel the same, and to get to know them (and their beautiful FOs!) personally.


Roving Acres Farm

We offer yarn and other fiber products from our farm. Our pampered Jacob, Cormo, CVM/Romeldale sheep and Angora goats make wonderful fleece that we have processed in a variety of ways and sell natural color or hand dyed. We also have products made from locally sourced alpaca. We are a Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em provider, and have stickers available. We offer raw fleece, pelts, felt, post cards, patterns, and some finished objects.