Call for Volunteers 2013

Hi all,
IKS had an amazing group of volunteers help out last year! And I’d like to get some more for this year. Sometimes it might just seem like there’s nothing to do, and that’s okay. If you don’t mind just sitting and knitting when there seems to be nothing going on, feel free.

The perk: all vendors will be ready to go at 10:30 so that you get a full half an hour of shopping before the show opens.

We will need most volunteers in the morning. Here’s some of the things you could be doing:

Loading in (Saturday 8 am to 10:30)
We also have some folks loading in Friday night 7-9 if you want to help load but that works better for you
Booth Set up
Giving folks in the booths breaks
Monitoring the give-away take-away table and/or the snack table

Please note, we are on the second floor this year and there will be lots of stairs to carry stuff up and down if you choose to load in.

Please contact me at cosymakes (!at) gmail (dot!) com if you’re interested.

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