Indie Knit and Spin 2013 – details

For basic info about the show, click here.

The vendor list on the right side of the blog is final and accurate!  Check them out.

If you’ve never been to the show before, know that it is at a school in a residential area and that all parking is street parking. If you are worried about having to park a couple of blocks away, come later in the day when the show is less busy.

This show is not handicap accessible. We are using the second floor of an old school and the community center has not been able to raise enough money to get an elevator yet.

New this year to the show! A table to get rid of the fiber arts stuff that you just have lying around collecting dust. And maybe to score something new that makes you happy. Books, patterns, needles, knitting, crochet or spinning supplies all welcome! You do not have to bring something to take something or take something if you bring something.

There will be snack table this year, without the coffee and tea that we had last year.

Both the snack table and the give-away take-away table with have a place for donations. All donations will go towards the elevator fund of the community center.

There are four empty booths this year that will be set up with chairs.  Feel free to make yourself comfortable, grab a snack and chat with other folks!

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