Amelia and Wiggles

Names: Karen Cuffaro and Rebecca DeSensi
Business Name: Amelia and Wiggles – Farm Fresh Fibers
Website(s): Amelia and Wiggles Site
What got you interested in your art of choice?
Rebecca and I got interested in our business from hearing fiber farmer’s concerns that they don’t have enough time after taking care of their animals to promote their fiber business. Also some farmers don’t have the time to deal with the fiber and make the choices they have to when processing it into consumer products. We want to help them with this process and grow their business.

What do you most enjoy about what you do?
We are just starting Amelia and Wiggles and the launch of our website will coincide with the Indie Knit and Spin event. Corresponding with all the different farmers and fiber artists around the county has been a pleasure. I have a much deeper appreciation of talent that exists in our country and the dedication towards their animals and the fiber arts.
What most inspires you?
Promoting and selling unique yarn, roving and products that are produced in our country. Gathering unique fibers together in one place and the happy faces you see when someone finds a yarn or roving that inspires them.
What makes your creations unique?
All products sold by Amelia and Wiggles are from American fiber farmers, family owned mini-mills and fiber artists. These products are like a vintage wine that can’t be reproduced exactly from year to year. Each year a fiber animal can produce a slightly different fiber. Diet, environment, weather and stress factors all play a role in the quality, quantity and color of the fiber.

What is something you strive to offer the fiber arts community?
To be a trusted company that the fiber consumer comes to for unique quality products that last generations and will be passed down to family members.
How is the fiber arts world different for you today than it was five years ago?
So much has happened in the last 5 years. We have met so many artistic and talented fiber artists. The fiber crafts have grown and we have seen more people renewing or learning a fiber craft. More men are participating in knitting, crocheting and designing. Which is adding diversity to the choice in patterns? Businesses have blossomed providing income for families and a way for Mom to stay home and take care of her kids. There is more interest in specialty yarn. Fiber artists are moving away from the big box craft stores and trying different yarn fibers either purchased at their local yarn store or on the Internet.

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