Willow Mist Boutique

Name: Jennifer Gallentine
Business name: Willow Mist Acres Farm Boutique
Website(s): Willow Mist Acres
I have been a local fiber artist for the past 4 years, I have an alpaca farm Willow Mist Acres, but I also have some llamas, an angora goat, and a dromedary camel.  I hand process all of my own fleeces, wash, dye, card, and spin them into functional art yarns, I also am a supplier of hand dyed sari silk ribbon yarns.
I spin, weave, crochet, needle and wet felt and have tried every aspect of the fiber arts at least once… if I enjoyed it, twice.

I have recently opened up a small artisan boutique Willow Mist Boutique in Latrobe PA, that focuses heavily on the fiber arts.  I carry hand dyed and hand spun yarns and fiber from over 30 indie fiber artists from across the country and Canada. I am thoroughly enjoying the studio space in my shop and it’s such a zen feeling to get to work in this environment.
I have been trying to organize some classes and workshops here at the shop in anything from crochet and knitting, to beading, essential oils, and a monthly pinterest craft!  Looking forward to seeing everyone at this year’s Indie Knit & Spin…willowmist1

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